Saturday, 13 December 2008


It was 1.oo pm today when a fren of mine text me telling me to get all my asignments from Dr. Faridah.. coz she's not continuing her contract as senior lecturer in UBD.. Sad news - She has cancer (critical stage)..

So guys.. (B. Ed. PJ 01/08) -- We'll meet her on Monday morning (15 December 2008) to get all our assignments and to bit farewell to her..

* hmm.. we'll realize sumone is a precious wen we loose em'.. n untill its too late :(

To Dr. Faridah... we'll alwez pray for ur health.. and hope u'll recover and watever it is.. Allah is Almighty..

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kelab.pj.ubd said...

Dr Faridah has confirmed her appointment with PJ Group on Wednesday (17 December 2008) 10.00 am..


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